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Terms and Conditions for the Charter of Aircraft



Welcome to the website for Business Jet Charter.
By using this website, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions of use. Our terms and conditions along with our privacy policy dictate the relationship between Business Jet Charter and you in relation to this website. Should you disagree with our terms and conditions, please desist from using our website immediately.

By using this site, you agree to the following terms of use:

(A) This agreement (the “Terms and Conditions”) sets out the general terms and conditions for the supply of air charter brokerage services and related services by www.businessjetscharter.com trading as (“Business Jet Charter”) to the Charterer.

(B) The provisions of these General Terms and Conditions will be incorporated into each Charter Contract (as defined herein) in their entirety, unless otherwise stated.

(C) In the event of any conflict between the terms of any Charter Contract and the General Terms and Conditions of Business Jet Charter, the General Terms and Conditions of Business Jet Charter shall prevail.

(D) No variation or amendment to these Terms and Conditions shall become effective unless agreed and varied or amended by Business Jet Charter in writing.

(E) Where a person, firm or company enters into the Agreement as agent of the Charterer, such person, firm or company shall be jointly and severally liable with the charterer for the payment of the final agreed charter price.

Special Conditions: Flights can only be confirmed once written acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement is received and this aircraft charter agreement has been countersigned by the Supplier. Flights are also subject to all overflight and landing permits being in place. If the Flight is to be performed on an executive aircraft, the Charterer shall complete the full passport details of each passenger.

Non Payment: If for any reason payment of the Charter Price or any instalment thereof shall not be made on the due date then the Charterer shall pay to the Supplier interest on the amount unpaid at the rate of 1% per month above the base rate for the time being of Barclays calculated on a daily basis from the due date until the date of payment (both before and after judgment), compounded monthly.


  1. DEFINITIONS In this Agreement unless the context otherwise requires:-

Agreement” means this Passenger Aircraft Charter Agreement including the Schedule and any appendices or attachments thereto;

Aircraft” means any aircraft for the time being operated in connection with any Flight;

Base Date” means the base date stated in the Schedule; “the Carrier” means the operator of the Aircraft;

Charter Price” means the amount set out in the Schedule;

“Charter Contract” shall mean the contract between the Charterer and the Operator for operation of the Flight Schedule.

Flight” means a flight described in the Schedule;

“Flight Schedule” shall mean the place of departure, place of destination and any stopping points, together with any indications of departure and arrival dates and times set out in the Charter Booking.

“Parties” shall mean Business Jet Charter and the Charterer;

“Party” shall mean Business Jet Charter or the Charterer as the context requires;

Schedule” means the schedule to this Agreement; and

STD” means the scheduled departure time of any Flight

“Traffic Documents” shall mean all passenger tickets, baggage checks, air waybills and other documents required under applicable international conventions or other applicable law.



3.1 The Charter Price shall be specified in the Charter Contract and shall, unless otherwise stated, include fuel, oil, maintenance, landing, security, per capita head fees, air traffic control, hangarage, parking, ground handling, all license fees, clearance fees, royalties and non-objection fees, baggage screening charges, de-icing, customs duties, airport and passenger taxes, and the remuneration and expenses of the Carrier’s crew and cabin staff.

3.2 The Charterer shall pay to the Supplier the Charter Price at the time, in the currency, in the amounts and to the address specified in accordance with the provisions set out therefore in the Schedule.

3.3 All other costs including (but not limited to) connections to and from airports, ground accommodation, ground transfers, cabin service, on board satellite telephone costs, and non-standard catering shall exclusively be for the account of the Charterer, unless otherwise specified in the Charter Contract, and any other additional service costs whatsoever and howsoever arising shall be paid by the Charterer unless otherwise specified in the Charter Booking. Any such additional costs shall be invoiced by Business Jet Charter to the Charterer and shall be paid promptly by the Charterer.

3.4 In the unlikely event of a substantial increase in fuel costs, between the Base Date of the agreement and the date of Flight operation, the Charterer may be required to pay to the Supplier such amount as shall fully compensate the Supplier for such increase.

3.5 No set-off or counterclaim (whether arising in respect of this Agreement or any other carriage) shall entitle the Charterer to withhold payment of any sums whatsoever payable to the Supplier under or by reason of this Agreement. In the event that the Charterer is required to withhold any part of any payment payable by it to the Supplier hereunder or to make any deduction therefrom, it shall pay such additional amount as may be necessary so that, after making such withholding or deduction, the Supplier shall receive from the Charterer the full amount of such payment.

3.6 The Charter Price and all other charges provided for in this Agreement are exclusive of any value added or sales taxes which shall be paid in addition by the Charterer at the prevailing rate.

3.7 Demurrage / Standing Charges may be levied in exceptional circumstances, at the equivalent hourly flying rate to the Charter Price for the Aircraft.





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