Private Jet Empty Legs

Search for Empty Legs from Dubai, Russia and UK, including other destinations.

Private Jet Empty Legs for UK and Europe has some excellent deals and savings. Please use our flight search tool for finding the best deals for private jet charter.

Private Jet Empty Leg Benefits

Lets give you an insight to what are empty legs are?

Empty legs are all private jet charter flights that fly without passengers on their way back to there original departure point or back to the fleet destination. Empty planes can be booked at a fraction of the cost, a major benefit for frequent business and leisure travelers who prefer flying around the world with not being tied into a planned schedule but rather ad-hoc and relying on empty leg flights availability. We have access to a large fleet of private planes from hundreds of aircraft operators across the globe.  So if you are willing to have a ad-hoc travel approach, an empty leg flight can be a perfect solution of accessing private jet travel, at near commercial airline prices depending on the amount of people travelling. If you book with us then your empty leg flight will be equipped with all the usual amenities available for that aircraft but at a discounted price.

Some of our Empty Leg destinations include, Brazil, Romania, Russia,Dubai, NYC, Canada, Spain, and many more.



We have empty leg flights to Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Russia and Argentina. Please see below a list of some of the current flight schedules available,  please get in touch for the latest flight availabilities.

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